We are The Printmakers Left,
an international collective of artists producing books and printed matter, and installations.

Working together since 1999, we emanate from the University of Virginia printshop and now live internationally from California to Finland and beyond. 
We carry a typewriter. 2019 is witnessing our first website, it is in progress. Please stop in again soon! 


Individually we are, at times, Adam Wolpa, Dean Dass, Anne Beck, Charles Beneke, Berenika Boberska, Christopher Thomas, Barbara Campbell, Clay Witt, Maggie Booth, David Bendernagel, Dana Giocofci, Akemi Ohira, Juan Garcia, Adam Moyer, Lydia Moyer, Sam Witt, Annu Vertanen, Jyrki Markkanen, Justin Quinn, Maggie Sullivan, Rachel Singel, Elizabeth Stark, John Schulz, Lindsay McCulloch, Patrick Costello, Jenny Harp, Joshua Dailey, Justin Owens, Kate Daughdrill, Lydia Diemer, Monica Claudio, Rachel Livedelan, Randall Stoltzfus.