Hinterlands 2015-2017

Risograph printed by Issue Press in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Perfect bound with heavy waxed paper cover, 8 x 5 inches closed, 96 pages, Edition of 300.

Current Price $60

The Hinterlands of today contain both elements of the city and of the wilderness – a hybrid of wilderness and artifice: pivot irrigation systems, abandoned cul-de-sac developments, solar fields, spoil heaps, endless fields of glass houses – eccentric landscapes of technology infrastructure - vast yet strangely overlooked. Perhaps now we need to construct new mythologies, Future Folklore, instruments, prototypes that help us to both understand and occupy these landscapes…perhaps we just need to venture out there! A collection of maps, gear, tools, cultural anecdotes, tales of navigating the foreseeable ruins. Welcome to the Anthropocene, Homogocene, Capitalocene!

Exhibition of Material Research: The New Walled Cities and Hinterlands, Models for Future Peri-urbanisms, Arena 1 Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, 2016.