A Catalog of the Radically Useless and the Usefully Radical
When you take your cues from the market, you replicate its biases.

‘In the face of our predominantly utilitarian cul ture, I think art, at its best, is radically useless.  The radical quality of art is that it has no use in a  culture dominated by profit, loss and use value’.  John Timberlake

The catalog of the radically useless and the usefully radical will be an illustrated,  indexical compendium of things not for sale, the illogical extension of the prototype.  These will be mass produced imaginary products and speculative objects as well as  alternative uses of the already tested and the non-existent. Taking it’s cues from the  prevailing ethos of consumer culture and subverting the formats of its distribution  and marketing in the name of liberation from “the ectoplasm of neo-liberalism”, The  Catalog will be made up of images, texts, and ideas including and inspired by

mail order catalogs

real estate listings

craigslist ads

energetic aids 

home shopping networks

repurposed tools


Spiritual tracts


sale flyers

protest paraphernalia signs

and general resistance